As a member of a small business team I’m fully aware of how quickly a day can pass, causing many important tasks to stack up. In any business there are numerous hurdles that at some point you’ll likely to come across such as, restricted time frames, minimal manpower, and strict budgets. Yet with the right tools in place you can overcome these and look forward to seeing your business thrive.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been around for some time here are a number of small business web tools which I believe can support you in your venture. So if you struggle with SEO, communication or those daily admin tasks, we have picked out some of our favourite tools which can help you. All of these are accessible anywhere, so they are definitely worth looking up!


Simplifyd: The workplace doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated.

Well I couldn’t not mention our own web app right? Now I may be a tad bias but Simplifyd really is a game changer. Taking away many of the frustrations behind business admin tasks, in one neat web app you’ll be able to manage client communication, track your business health, create and send out those pesky invoices and manage your project timeline with ease. An overall business management life saver, that looks pretty slick too.


Basecamp: Because communication is key to a successful and happy work force.

Who was it that said ‘a happy worker is a productive worker’? I’m not sure either but I have to agree. Good project management can save numerous hours in a day while also lessening the stress on employees as everyone knows what’s going on. Basecamp is a brilliant tool that can be used to manage multiple projects, a great platform to collaborate on documents and a way to contribute to discussions instantly. They’ve been a big inspiration to us as their ethos really stands out.


Moz Analytics: An SEO tool which will support your marketing efforts.

Why wouldn’t you want to take advice from one of the most trusted sources for SEO and digital marketing on the web? SEO tools can help with marketing and keep overall costs low, ideal for any small business. Moztools has two main options Local and Pro, with each of these offering a different level of service. Many of their tools are free and you’ll find you can explore your link profile, monitor your social media analytics and much more. They are also no strangers to giving advice on online content as seen in their series Whiteboard Friday which for any newbie is a must watch.


Slack: Remember when I mentioned the importance of communication.

So what makes Slack a unique messenger? Well it looks good, works well and it brings multiple conversations together so you’ll never miss anything important. It’s particularly good if like us you have people working across multiple locations. On top of its ability to house group discussions and projects, transferring files is easy, and it has an amazing searchable archive system. You’ll also save mountains of time by being able to communicate instantly without the need for scheduling unnecessary meetings.


Pocket: For that spare moment in the day.

If like me you’re always reading blog and website articles, bookmarking them for later or saving links on a notes pages, then this is where Pocket will become your new favourite app. Whether your interest is business or personal Pocket stores articles so that when you finally do get a spare minute you simply go on the app, find the saved article and read. On the go or sat at your home desktop it doesn’t matter as you don’t require internet to view the item once its been saved (Did I mention you can also save videos and images too). This tool is all about simplicity and that’s something we love here at the Simplifyd HQ.


Crash Plan: Making it ok for you to forget.

I think in any startup or small business it’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and whirlwind that naturally takes over as work kicks into overdrive. We’ve all heard the horror stories of what happens when you don’t back up your work (Did you know Pixar almost lost all of ToyStory 2!) Well this is where CrashPlan will come to the rescue. In just three simple steps you’ll be sorted, so that even when you step away from your device it carries on working, never leaving you without that important backup.


*Many of these small business web tools are free or at least offer free trial versions which are also upgradeable for a small fee. These will allow you to get started without signing up to something you’ve not yet tried. So if you do decide you like a specific web tool (which I know you will) you can then make the commitment to using it later on.



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