Have you ever thought about how you can improve your own productivity in the workplace? The answer is most likely yes. Yet most people go about this completely the wrong way, believing that a commitment to longer hours will increase their output. However this is rarely the answer, instead it results in a stressed, unproductive and unhappy individual.

To some people the first sign of a schedule makes them break out in a cold sweat, their creativity comes to a halt and they vow never to look at a calendar again. These are often the same people who look on at others wondering how they managed to live a 30 hour day in just 24.

These tips won’t turn you into the next Superman but they will show how any business can use a variety of techniques and new technologies to improve their workforce’s efficiency. With a little structure and a bit of forward planning you can have an increasingly productive day and save a lot of time in the process! Leading to a happy boss, fulfilled clients, and most importantly providing personal satisfaction from a job well done.


Utilise software and technology.

Using an app such as Simplifyd will allow you to easily schedule your day, week or month. From meetings and tasks, to events and project pipelines, this app enables you to centralise your workplace management. Web tools like this are a great way to streamline your work day as they speed up every day tasks that will increase your overall productivity.

Start your work day by planning.

Take a few moments each morning to decide the key tasks/projects that you will work on that day, you can do this by considering which ones will have an immediate/positive impact or pick those that are time sensitive. Too often, people get consumed by tasks that while important, are not business driving and should actually be quick to complete.

Hint: Work on the most important task of the day first. While it’s daunting, the sense of achievement for completing this early on will power you on to the next task in hand. Alternatively if you really can’t face it, start with an ‘easy win’ something that you can accomplish quickly to get the ball rolling.

Make a tasks list.

Creating a simple list of things to do can immediately concentrate your focus, preventing you from falling into those deadly time wasting tangents. A more productive workflow is usually the result of focus and clever scheduling. A list will allow you to plan your time better and good time management supports productivity. The result? A completed check list at the end of the day. Pretty sweet right?

Hint: Be realistic. Don’t set yourself a 4 page tasks list, limit it to perhaps 3 important items.

Future planning.

When work is busy you can often find yourself taking one day at a time, as a series of long nights and early starts steadily blur into one another, weeks can simply fly by without really amounting to anything. Setting yourself some future goals can rejuvenate your work day, giving you a new found motivation to get things done. Working toward something is much more enjoyable than just working to get through the day.

Less meetings and more action.

How often has a morning vanished before you eyes, all because a meeting ran over. This seems to be a regular occurrence, to have an increasing number of meetings and lengthy discussions rather than spending this time working to achieve results. Ask yourself does this meeting really need to be that long? The answer definitely not. If you’re meeting for a review or to discuss future ideas and plans, encourage others to communicate more effectively by keeping these sessions short. Time should be spent actively working towards a goal or showing the end results, not in blur of unproductive chatter.

Just start it.

You can always edit a piece of work, improve it, get someone to check over it, but you can’t do any of these things with a blank document. Having something down is a lot less daunting than a white empty space, plus once you get going you’ll be surprised at how quickly this small achievement turns into a completed task on your list.

Don’t multi-task.

Need I say more – Multitasking may seem like a good idea but in reality it is more of a hinderance to your overall productivity. Splitting your time prevents you from ever fully focusing on one thing, allowing you to get easily distracted and forget about the importance of one task. By choosing to take on one task at a time, you’re likely to complete more throughout your day.

Take short breaks.

This one is simple, stress decreases productivity and movement is known to help release stress. Taking a moment to collect yourself away from a stressful work situation is always a good move.  A short break, if used wisely can make a huge difference to your concentration and productivity when you return.

Give yourself dedicated you time each day.

Creating space between yourself and your work is always refreshing. By scheduling this in, you force yourself to take that much needed personal time giving you a real chance to recharge. It’s important to remember that when you’re done at work, that you stay done with work.


And remember.. productivity works a little bit differently for everyone. There are always going to be exceptions and unplanned actions that you can’t schedule for. But if try just a few of these tips to help streamline your day, you’ll soon see your work management and productivity results improve greatly. Allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter both in you work and personal life, moving you towards a more accomplished day.



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