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The top seven superpowers of the Simplifyd Sales Pipeline

Generating leads is one thing, but if you can’t convert them to sales then the exercise is rather futile. Working up a list of... read more

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Sole Traders – How Simplifyd Can Help Your Business

Not enough hours in the day? After a long day of work, the last thing that you want to do is spend all evening... read more

Business Growth – 5 Strategies for Sustainability

It’s a problem that many businesses face – after an initial period of growth, day-to-day contact with clients, and new leads coming in all... read more

Slack Integration

Introducing Slack Integration in Simplifyd – keeping you in touch with your business. What exactly does this mean? Well, once you connect Slack to... read more

Effective Scheduling With Simplifyd’s Calendar

Whether you’re an organisational pro or you prefer to hide your head in the sand when life gets a little too busy, managing everything... read more

Straightforward Sales Tracking

  Creating a sales pipeline is a key part of the selling process for any business. Getting a quick summary of opportunities on the go, including... read more

Introducing invoicing in just 4 clicks

Invoicing shouldn’t be difficult which is why we’ve designed and built our invoicing system with everyday ease and functionality in mind. Creating this simplicity... read more

Simplify Your Invoicing Process

Small businesses owners and freelancers sit up and listen! At Simplifyd we understand the importance of your business health, after all getting paid and... read more

Make your business processes simple – Part Two

Make sure to check out Part One of Make your business processes simple – Below we have come up with even more tips and advice... read more

Make your business processes simple – Part One

Simplifying your business processes seems like it should be easy enough, but as investor Warren Buffett suggests “There seems to be some perverse human... read more