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The top seven superpowers of the Simplifyd Sales Pipeline

Generating leads is one thing, but if you can’t convert them to sales then the exercise is rather futile. Working up a list of... read more

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Communication starts and ends with you!

Good communication lies at the heart of any successful project, yet it’s often not considered “actual work” – and so it doesn’t happen. There... read more

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Ten Top Tips for Freelancers

Ten Top Tips for Freelancers Ah, the life of a freelancer. Get up when you want to. Work in your dressing gown (or not).... read more

Online Safety – Keeping Your Data Secure

The rise of technology in the modern age has brought about huge changes in the way that we run our businesses. It’s now easier... read more

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Sole Traders – How Simplifyd Can Help Your Business

Not enough hours in the day? After a long day of work, the last thing that you want to do is spend all evening... read more

Business Growth – 5 Strategies for Sustainability

It’s a problem that many businesses face – after an initial period of growth, day-to-day contact with clients, and new leads coming in all... read more

Slack Integration

Introducing Slack Integration in Simplifyd – keeping you in touch with your business. What exactly does this mean? Well, once you connect Slack to... read more

Straightforward Sales Tracking

  Creating a sales pipeline is a key part of the selling process for any business. Getting a quick summary of opportunities on the go, including... read more

Tips And Solutions For New Freelancers.

Working at home for the first time can bring out a mixed bag of emotions in anyone, finding yourself sitting somewhere between elated and completely... read more

The Perfect Business Savvy Guide To Your Online Marketing.

Lets talk online marketing – Marketing is essential for the ongoing success of any business. You could have the greatest product or service going... read more