The start of December brings out streets full of festive shoppers, streams of flickering lights and those yearly present buying conundrums. It’s that time of the year when just a quick scroll of your news feed can set your heart racing, with comments from your friends and family who are cheerily expressing their success as they’ve ‘nearly finished’ or ‘just started wrapping my last presents’.

Here at Simplifyd you won’t find a Christmas grinch, I for one will be fully embracing the festivities. However we understand that Christmas can be one of the busiest and most stressful times of year for many businesses, which is why we’re here to help you.

We’ve compiled our Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Full of great ideas that will hopefully inspire you on your christmas shopping quest. If you need to find something special for that on the go workaholic or someone who simply loves a smart tech gadget, then don’t worry we’ve got it covered – and hey why not treat yourself too…you’ll find it hard not to with this wish list!



1. Juice Multi Juice Home Charger

While this may not act as a long term staple, this compact juice carton will keep your devices refreshed and ready to go wherever you are. With multiple adapters you can charge your phone, tablet or any device on the go – a versatile charging solution. It’s quirky packaging adds a fun touch to this practical gift and the bright colour will stop you ever misplacing your charger again.



2. Vintage Messenger Bag

Whether you’re bound for the office or a leisurely trip into the city? This vintage messenger bag is perfect, scoring highly on both practicality and style. With its luxe leather feel and lean design this bag will be remembered (and most importantly used) for years to come.






3. Susan Kare Icons Book 

While the name Susan Kare may not ring any bells, her work definitely will. The artistic mind behind apple icons from as early as 1983. So whether you know an apple fan who wants to appreciate her artwork by book form or print, then this is the perfect pixellated gift.







4. Power Up Free Flight 

Taking your office made paper airplane to a whole new level. Everyone needs a little break in their busy day and this is great present for just that – A quick 10 minute break that will turn into hours of fun.




Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 14.16.43


5. Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones.

Constantly fighting against noisy surroundings on crowded commutes and inflight journeys? These headphones may seem a little expensive but are a great long term fix for any on the go person. Active noise-canceling and specially-designed tips mean they’ll stay put – Problem solved.






6. Smarter – Wifi Kettle 

Tea or coffee, it doesn’t matter which is your vice with this smart appliance. After a cold commute you can enjoy a warming cup of tea almost instantly by setting your kettle to boil as soon as you pull into the drive. It’s contemporary design and colour choice means you can pick one to fit any personality. As the mornings get consistently colder –  Say hello to your new best friend.






7. Jot Pro

Technology is great, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the simpler things. Turn your tablet into your favourite notebook with this Jot Pro. Just like a normal pen, this stylus will help you create handwritten notes, drawings, and any design ideas you have. A great stocking filler!






8. Bluesmart

The world’s first smart connected carry on – The name says it all really. But this really would be a great splurge present for any frequent traveller. Controlled from your phone or handheld device you can lock it, lift the handle to weigh it, recharge your phone with your built in battery, and locate it.



GRID-IT! is a smart way to organise any tech lovers numerous devices and cords. A weave of elastic bands will hold all your personal objects firmly in place – It’s versatility makes it a must have!





10. Evernote Business Notebook with Smart Stickers 

If you know someone who needs a little help with organisation or  just loves a great piece of stationary then this is ideal. Its unique page layout is optimized for use with the Evernote page camera, so you can save handwritten content digitally, tag using Smart Stickers and do so much more.



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