Good communication lies at the heart of any successful project, yet it’s often not considered “actual work” – and so it doesn’t happen.

There are many reasons why communication can fail within organisations and teams. Firstly, it’s time consuming. It takes so much longer than you imagined it would to gather your thoughts, write them down and share them with relevant role players. You’d far rather use that time to tick off items on your performance score sheet (which, by the way, says nothing about communication).

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This brings us to the second point: Communication processes are often not included in planning process. Your tasks and outcomes are allocated, but there’s nothing specified about sharing information. So why should you?

The third reason is personal conflict. Perhaps you’re not on speaks with the factory manager, so it’s awkward to pick up the phone or send an email to chase a delivery. Or you want to land the big account for yourself, so you’d rather play the details close to your chest.

Then there’s the matter of physical separation – point number four. Members of a particular team might sit in different rooms, buildings, cities or even countries. Often you’ll find teams spread across the world, so that each office is in a completely different time zone.

With regards to points one to three, the answer is simple – take ownership. Remember to schedule time for communication, ensure the stakeholders and processes are clearly mapped out, take responsibility and drive accountability within the team. Get over your personal issues and share the love. There is no “i” in team.

When it comes to physical separation, the answers lie in efficient systems and platforms – unless you plan to move to China anytime soon. Simplifyd’s integrated features allow you and your team to keep each other updated in real time on any projects they’re working on, whether they sit next to each other or on the other side of the world. Through Simplifyd you’re able to:

  • Customise your sales pipeline to reflect the needs of your business, track your incoming sales or your current project management
  • Control all your incoming leads and encourage new ones
  • See all your interactions with your clients at a glance, linking you to your invoices, messages, notes and ToDos
  • Organise your team, a week or month at a glance with the smart calendar

In a single glance your whole team is up to date and can comment and decide how best to progress sales leads.

You can also program alerts for anyone in the team, assign tasks and stay updated on their progress. The beauty of it is that it’s all right there in one place. No need for those long emails with 25 people in the cc field. Just click or tap and everyone’s updated. Simple.

But at the end of the day, the best system in the world is only as good as the information that’s fed into it. That’s why we’ve made it so easy.

Make the change today. Try Simplifyd for FREE.



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