Whether you’re an organisational pro or you prefer to hide your head in the sand when life gets a little too busy, managing everything from meetings, events, orders and invoicing can be a huge challenge.

This is why streamlining your operations is key to a more productive workflow. At Simplifyd we’ve designed our Calendar with the busy professional in mind, so that you can schedule events, add specific details and notify your clients all from one area. With this calendar you can add billable events, as well as invoices when editing an individual event within the calendar, allowing you to stay fully organised while saving you valuable time.

Getting Started.

If you’ve not signed up to Simplifyd follow this link (you can do it in under 60 seconds, we’ve timed it)! If you’re already using it, open the app and login. Click on “Calendar” found in the right hand side panel and then you’re ready to get organised.

How it works.

Adding an event is easy with Simplifyd, once you’re on the calendar select the date of your event or meeting and click.

A pop up will open, allowing you to add specific details about the event such as, name, location and duration. You also have quick edit options, so if the event lasts all day or perhaps you have a meeting that runs like clock work every month then you can choose to select “All Day” or “Recurring” to quickly apply this to your schedule.

 Effective Scheduling 1

One you’ve completed the pop up click save and your event will instantly be added to the calendar.

If you need to edit your event, simply click the pencil icon that is shown in the pop up summary.

Effective Scheduling 3

Adding a billable event.

Adding a billable event isn’t much different to adding a normal event. First go to your calendar and click the date you wish to schedule an event on. In the pop up select the “Billable Event” tab.

Here you’ll be able to add all the specific details of the event. From the drop down select the client for this event – you can also choose to notify them by selecting the tick box, this will go green when selected.

Hit save and your event will be added to your calendar and the client will be notified if you’ve chosen this option.

Effective scheduling 4

Find a list of all your billable events at the top of your calendar page under the blue “Billable Events” tab.

There is also an option to generate an invoice automatically from the scheduled event. To do this click the invoice button in the pop up and this will be added to your money page.

Do you have an existing calendar?

This isn’t a problem sync your calendar with Simplifyd by following the in app instructions and you can bring your schedule up to date in minutes.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for more feature posts and new integration announcements. To see the previous features post ‘A tool for productivity – Simplifyd’s quick todos’ click here.

We’re always working on how to improve your business management experience. Fine tuning existing features is all part of our goal to simplify mundane business tasks, so you can spend less time on the process and invest more time doing what you do best – running your business.


Want to give our Effective Scheduling a try? Sign up today to get started for free or log in now!



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