A company’s growth does not come without change, the most obvious for any business small business is a rapidly growing workload.

Days quite quickly fill up, working extra hours becomes the norm, checklists continue to grow and a couple exasperated sighs might escape along the way. What I’ve just described would be a (I’ll admit short) summary of our office in recent weeks, but our productivity has unarguably been on an all time high, and despite a few hurdles, we can proudly say that this week is launch week!

Anyone who has been involved in working on a startup will understand that sometimes you have to put in the extra work, you have to push a little bit more than normal. Launches, deadlines, unexpected setbacks they’re all part of this scramble to the finish line, or at least the halfway mark and that’s what this trial represents – a dedicated team and a lot of hard work.

The problem with working round the clock is you often don’t get a moment to yourself, to stop and reflect on your journey so far. When I started at Simplifyd it had already come leaps and bounds from its humble beginning, to see it become this now fully functional web app is truly exciting. For those such as Sean or James who have been here from the beginning this has not come without a fair share of anxiety, but with anything new nerves are to be expected right?

The start of this week brought with it an excited energy into the office, the launch of the 30 day trial represents to us a significant benchmark on the Simplifyd journey.  Taking the initial idea and turning it into a brilliant product to support people running their own business.

It would be hard to sum up in a short blog post exactly how Simplifyd got to this point, and I don’t think we’re quite ready for our own book yet but what I can tall you is that it involved:


A lot of planning.

This isn’t just about planning deadlines and goals, a business plan will only get you so far. It’s important to set yourself achievable long and short term aims, and put into place contingencies as every project will encounter challenges along the way. What’s perhaps more important is fully understanding why you started this business, what you want to achieve and how you want to work. Plan with these factors in mind and hopefully you won’t lose your way on this journey.

Perseverance is priceless.

There’s no doubt about it that you will make mistakes, pursuing anything new is always going to lead to unexpected finds and problems. Use these experiences as learning opportunities in the early days, and next time just work towards doing better! With perseverance you’ll achieve more.

You never stop learning.

One of the scariest things that most people experience is uncertainty, but with any new venture this is a feeling you must get comfortable with.

Learning doesn’t stop, every new query, new sign up, or glitch brings a new element to this ongoing journey. Some of this can be learnt hands on, while a lot can be discovered from the endless resources online. Numerous entrepreneurs have been in your very shoes, you should take advantage of their insight and experiences that are out there on the web, free for everyone to use.

“Learn from those who came before you”


We’d love to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for reading our blog, sharing our product, and for the continuing support we’ve received from our online and offline community.

On that note we’d love it if you would give Simplifyd a go.

Sign up for your 30 day trial today!



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