Make sure to check out Part One of Make your business processes simple – Below we have come up with even more tips and advice so that you never have to suffer with a business management headache again!


Staying focused.

Have you ever spent your day jumping from one task to another, only to realise as your day comes to a close that very little has been completed or checked off your trusty to-do list? Being productive doesn’t always mean being instantly reactive to everything that crops up. Productivity requires focus, something that is easily lost through the disruptions of numerous technologies. This is where Simplifyd tries to pull your scattered workload into one area, offering an efficient to-do list, a simple but resoundingly successful feature. Creating a to-do list whether its for an entire month or focusing on that particular day can organise your business goals. Focusing on individual tasks and setting smaller manageable targets will in the long run improve your productivity.


Lets get organised.

More often than not hours of your day can be eaten up through false productivity. Do hour long meetings that leave you no clearer about where you should be going sound familiar? Managing time is a crucial factor to simplifying any element of your business. At Simplifyd we aim to improve the organisation between client and company with a few simple features – you can log conversations and activity with the timeline view, add quick events to your integrated calendar, and send files or messages through in-app client communication. Leaving both the client and company on the same page and if anyone does have any questions you just add a comment without disrupting the work day with numerous calls or meetings, ultimately simplifying your day.


Manage your communication.

There are numerous ways to simplify your methods of communication, the easiest one is to reduce the number of overall channels you use. It is important to assess what you use and why you use it, does having multiple inboxes really help? Or is it just wasting your time when you struggle to find important information scattered across different locations. Simplifyd’s in-app communication solves part of this problem, it allows you to talk directly to your client on the very same platform where you manage their invoices, estimates, and project pipeline. Centralising and ultimately simplifying your client communication into one place.


Access from Anywhere.

Dead time – the place where you find yourself sat on trains, or waiting for a meeting to start, fully aware that nothing is getting completed and your to-do list is steadily growing. This is why here at Simplifdy HQ we created a web-app, so that all you need is a device, a wifi hotspot or data connection and you’re good to go. By transferring many of your daily admin tasks into one easy to use web-app, you can access important client and project information wherever you are, transforming these ‘dead’ moments into new bouts of productive time.


And finally every business needs plenty of R+R.

In this case we want you to relax and remember. While a more efficient workflow is usually a result of both productive habits and good business processes, it is important to learn to relax and enjoy your business again. With enjoyment comes a sense of relief, so remember why you first started out, keep that vision in mind and simply enjoy it!

At Simplifyd we promise that once you begin to streamline your business, you’ll find not only is your business life more enjoyable but also more successful all round.




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