Now that we’re all back at work and the festive bubble has well and truly evaporated I can almost guarantee that everyone has been thinking about the same thing this week, resolutions.

If you have seen any of our most recent posts you will probably have noticed a few ongoing themes, productivity, changing habits and reflection. The new year inspires us all to be a little better, a bit more motivated and encourages us to work more effectively.

While you’re probably tired of hearing the same old mantras ‘New Year, New Me’ we want to help you focus on ways to enhance you and your business this January.

So at Simplifyd we’ve compiled some of our favourite business resolutions, goals and steps to get your year off to a good start.


Don’t lose sight of your long term goals.

With that start of January comes a new set of goals and aims we want to achieve in the upcoming year. Yet after the initial push it’s easy to get caught up in day to day tasks and lose the motivation that came so freely before. Don’t lose sight of your long term goals, now is the time to reflect upon your old and new lists, acknowledge the next steps and take action.

Learn something new.

This could be in your personal life or in your workplace, either way by investing time and money into a new skill you can help your business continue to grow.

‘When you stop learning, you stop growing’

Create a small list of things you’d like to learn or improve upon. Then gradually incorporate these into your weekly schedule, it can be something as small as dedicating 30 minutes in the evening to a couple hours each weekend. By putting in the time and developing a new skill or enhancing an older one, your business can reap the rewards in 2015 and for years to come.

Invest in your workplace.

Is your office in need of a little attention? Could your website do with a fresh update? Are you on the hunt for new equipment or new staff?  This is the time to start planning for those changes, take the first step and start actioning them. Work towards creating a more positive environment, one that your business and employees can only thrive in.

Work smarter not harder.

I’ve previously talked about the perks of working smarter not harder here and here – so make sure to check those out for more advice and tips. If you’re going to carry just one thing into the year then it should be this. With a few minor changes to how you approach each day,  you’ll find that your whole work process will become more effective and productive! With higher productivity levels and more results you’ll have plenty of recreational time too.

Make a change or challenge yourself.

We all love a little routine, after all it’s what gets us through a hard morning or a long week. However with a little change comes a renewed sense of purpose, a new sense of motivation. Big or small it doesn’t matter, just do something that will revitalise your workspace. Give your first week back a little lift by adding something new to you routine and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Get more Comfortable.

Being more organised will probably sit quite high on most peoples lists, after all clearer projection should lead to a higher level of productivity and results, right?  But it’s true what they say there is a difference between productive work and busy work – obsessing over how tidy your office space is generally fits into the latter category. Instead of perfectly organised, aim to be comfortable, comfort leads to a happier environment and usually a more productive individual. Don’t stress over having a spotless workplace or a constantly up to date plan, there are better ways to spend your time.


With 2015 upon us, now is the time to take note and get planning. Have you made your business resolutions yet? Leave a comment below to share your goals for 2015 or tweet us at @GetSimplifyd to join the conversation. You don’t have anything to lose, so go for it!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all our blog readers – Lets make 2015 a year to remember.



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