Problem solving and decision making – two tasks everyone does in their day to day lives and something every small business owner will be familiar with. Actions that are a necessity for productivity, growth and business success.

The New Year is seen as a time for reinventing, making promises and implementing processes to guarantee success in the upcoming months. But why do we have to wait until then? We all know that resolutions can easily get lost with the busyness of a new year, as January’s end nears so does our complacency.

So why not set yourself a few realistic goals now, that you can carry through long into the new year.

I’m a firm believer the simplicity in business is something that can be achieved all year round, which is why I’ve curated my own easy to follow problem solving tips. So that you can start tackling any hurdles now and fully enjoy your new year.


Ideas solve problems

Seems obvious right?  But you’d be surprised at how many people focus on the problem rather than working towards a solution. Shrouding the problem with negativity is not the answer. It is important to give your team the time and space for creative solutions to form.

Define the problem

Understanding a problem is the first step you can take towards solving it.

It is important to consider:

  • Information on the cause.
  • Who this issue will effect and how.
  • Who can help work towards a solution.

These will help you to clarify the problem, so you can fully assess its urgency and level of importance. By reviewing all the available facts you are better positioning yourself to coming up with a strong and long lasting solution.

Break it down

Solving a problem can be overwhelming and at times seem impossible if you try to take it on all at once. One you have defined the issue, breaking it down is the next logical step. Dealing with each component separately can make it easier to digest and then solve. Rather than struggling with it as a whole, you can more easily identify the numerous steps needed to reach your solution.

Talk about it

It can be helpful to explain the issue to a colleague or someone who is detached from the problem in hand, this is because they may look at it from an entirely new perspective. The alternative approach from another person can either lead to a solution or help to guide you over the initial hurdle.

Turn research into action

In the digital world we live in, people often get caught up in numbers and research, and while this is important eventually you must take action. When coming up with a new solution make sure to research enough so that you fully understand the issue, after this it is important to engage with it and your creativity in order to keep moving forward.


If you’re unable to solve it straight away don’t get disheartened. Taking the time over an issue can seem like a step backwards, instead of seeing it as a ‘waste’ remember that not rushing into a solution is always better – you’ll save time in the long run not having to return to the issue.

Don’t see a problem, see an opportunity

When faced with a problem you shouldn’t see it as a conflict, turn it into a positive experience by using this time as an opportunity to improve a business process or your workplace’s communications. Try to see every ‘problem’ as an experience for a positive growth instead.


I hope you’ve found this post useful, if you have make sure to leave a comment below. If you have any of your own problem solving tips make sure to join in the conversation over at @GetSimplifyd



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