Small businesses owners and freelancers sit up and listen! At Simplifyd we understand the importance of your business health, after all getting paid and paying people are the cogs behind any functional workplace. This is why it’s important to understand and keep track of your company’s finances, making it one of your key weekly, if not daily tasks.

As your company’s business health is largely defined by your invoice management, producing timely invoices for your clients will ensure you maintain a positive relationship with them. By choosing to simplify your invoicing process it will also help you to receive any owed payments quicker, allowing you to create a more precise picture of your own business health.

At Simplifyd our goal is to help make these business processes easy. While we understand the importance of such tasks, we also can recognise that the largest portion of your day should be spent on driving your business and not slaving away over excel spreadsheets. Just like you we would often find that more time had been committed to invoicing and other admin tasks than originally planned. Because of this we are fully aware of the issues behind invoicing, which is why we have provided not only a great invoicing solution but a business tool that does so much more!


Identifying the Problem

In an ideal world most small businesses would set aside part of the day to complete any tedious admin duties, leaving them ample time to focus on the core business tasks. Surprisingly despite the multitude of options now available, most small businesses or freelancers end up processing their invoices manually. This significantly increases the amount of time spent on admin tasks and can actually hinder an individual’s overall productivity. Infact I could probably write a whole series about the pitfalls of manual invoicing – lack of financial clarity and an inability to effectively manage documents to name just two. It’s something that has grown to frustrate the entire Simplifyd team, however the guys over at have compiled a concise list that sums it up nicely.

With that in mind I’d like to turn your attention to online invoicing tools. Despite the recent influx of new software, we’ve found that these solutions don’t always provide an efficient setup and can also end up hindering your productivity. Though they are great for keeping errors to a minimum, many are still way too complicated and you find yourself questioning why you never payed more attention in maths…

If business growth and a healthy cash flow are to be achieved, then inefficient financial processes and manual systems which have previously hindered productive invoicing need to be addressed.


Our Invoicing Solution – Simplifyd

Invoices are never isolated documents, linked to other key business processes we found it strange that often most businesses would handle them completely separate to other key documents- this is why the Simplifyd web app was created, to centralise all your client management tools into one area and to simplify your invoicing process.

We came up with a smart invoicing tool designed to take away the complex and tedious nature of money management within small businesses. It doesn’t require you to know anything about online accounting,

  • It can be used to create and send client estimates and proposals with ease.
  • The web-app offers you the ability to create recurring invoices and set up ‘quick events.’
  • You can track directly what’s going in and out of your company.
  • Clients payments are processed through the app using Stripe or PayPal.
  • The smart dashboard which is simple in design makes it easy for you to organise clients, invoices and tasks.
  • Simplifyd provides a safe and secure environment to manage your business.

Our aim is that Simplifyd will take the complexity out of the process, so that you can start completing those pesky invoices in just 4 clicks. It will provide any business owner with the right platform to create error free, fast and efficient invoices.


Give Simplifyd a try today or leave a comment below if you have any questions, we love to hear from you.



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