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The finance functions of Simplifyd can be used from anywhere making it simple for users to send estimates and invoices whenever and wherever they need to.

Feedback from users of the platform have been positive across the board.


For many small businesses, a priority is to find ways to streamline their accounting and customer management paperwork. Simplifyd, has answered the call, offering simple small business management software to professionals who want to take back control of their time.


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An easy to use CRM for freelancers and small business that is as smooth as silk.


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CRM, sales pipeline and invoicing on one beautifully simple platform.


From one platform, users can see all of their latest interactions with customers, produce and send invoices, manage their team and – thanks to an integrated calendar and a comprehensive ‘to-do’ list – plan better for the future.  Easily generate all your invoices and estimates and view your money dashboard to get an overview of the amounts coming in and going out. Use the calendar to schedule reminders to help keep all your payments on track. You can send files, messages, photos and PDF’s directly and integrate documents from Google Drive to stay in control of your communications – via both the customer’s and your team’s timelines. The address book and pipeline tools capture and monitor new opportunities and, with an easy to navigate interface and real time syncing, it’s easy to access and keep up to date – even when you’re away from the office and on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also integrate Simplifyd with your favorite apps and access your Drive account directly while accepting payments through either your PayPal or Stripe accounts.

If you are after a simple and effective Customer Relationship Management app to help organize your business it’s hard to go past Simplifyd.


Keep everything as organized as possible to make it more easy that you keep your invoices paid on time and your customers content.


Manage your business from anywhere and on any platform with this online service.


Plenty of potential in this app. I gave it a trial and I think it’s more than 90% of the way to being invaluable to many small businesses.


Simplifyd is accounting and client management made, clean, easy and fun (yes, we said fun). It’s the everyday business hustle on the go, it’s your whole business in your pocket. Unlike Freshbooks and Kashflow, which only manage your accounting needs, Simplifyd handles client relationships with a unique, social, style… all in the cloud of course and ready for every platform.


Simplify mundane business tasks, clients, invoicing and sales pipeline



Simplifyd offer quick and simple to use small business management software, that provides powerful invoicing, CRM and sales tracking features that can transform a small business for the better. Recently, the company announced they will have a stand and being participating at Web Summit 2015 Dublin providing information about their work.


Running a business is complicated enough; that’s why our solution is beautifully simple.


We introduce you to Simplifyd! It is a modern age tool that helps you and your team to better manage your communications, finances, and relationships that matter most to the business. After all, having a smooth running organization is the foundation of a successful company.


Simplifyd is a new startup that aims to manage your clients, invoicing and estimates.




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